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Published on March 7th, 2014 | by Will


Choosing a Good Café to Make Your Office

If you’re thinking about starting to run around the world in order to pursue your travel dreams, you’re going to need a solid place to work out of. After all, focus and unbreakable concentration is key to earning the dollars you need. What better way to find that than in a cosy café? Here’s what to look for in the ideal spot.

Choosing a Good Café: A Quiet Spot to Get in the Zone

Seeing people relaxing and whiling away their time in a café while you power through important work can be a great motivator, just make sure you don’t get too distracted by what’s going on around you. Find a location with a quiet spot in a non-window facing corner and restrict your gaze to coffee-keyboard-computer.

Choosing a Good Café: Internet Capabilities

We’ve already thrown several Internet-based cash raising ideas at you, a good, speedy, connection is key to exploring all of them. Find a café with free unlimited wi-fi (not Starbucks and their sub-par 45 minute free connection), where you get on well with the staff and you’ll be well on your way.

Choosing a Good Café: Cheap Drinks

Coffee is fuel, but make sure you don’t have to spend a bomb on it just to get a solid working environment and caffeine kick. Head to a place that serves up a variety of beverages (green tea is the perfect productivity accompaniment) and mix it up for maximum results.

Choosing a Good Café: Comfort

A comfortable working environment is crucial to squeezing productivity out of yourself, find that in a café and you’re solid. A flat stable surface, clean furniture and air-conditioning (or heating) can all be great gifts to your ideal workspace. What’s more, kicking it in a café you don’t have to pay the costs of it all.

Every city around the world has cafes that suit your working needs. Do a bit of research and no doubt you’ll find an ideal space for yourself within a few short hours.

What do you think about working in cafes? Work makes good ones great and horrible ones awful? Share your thoughts below!

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