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Published on September 28th, 2013 | by Will


Escaping from Home in 5 Easy Steps

The thought of a beautiful afternoon spent in an Italian piazza, a romantic evening on the streets of Paris, or a lively night out in Dublin can easily be turned into reality. The common reasons why we can’t always escape from home to our dream holiday locations seems to be time and money. Apart from these factors there’s not much more keeping us away from those adventurous experiences in a foreign land. The great news is that in 5 easy steps you can escape from home and enjoy a holiday break anywhere you want in the world. Here are two tips upfront – plan ahead your bank holidays and check out different deals for credit cards.

Step 1 – Check out different deals for credit cards
Although time is of great importance when planning a holiday, budget is definitely the deciding factor. Saving for a holiday is a great option, but sometimes is more difficult than we would wish for. This is why the banks today over different deals on credit cards that can help you choose the best credit to fund your travel escapes.The advantage of paying for your holiday with a credit card is that you only pay it off about a month later, and even have the option to hold the balance for a bit longer. Interest fees vary from one credit card to another, therefore it’s important to speak to a bank adviser or do a thorough search on the different credit card deals upfront.

Step 2 – Take Advantage of Holiday Sales and Off-Peak Season
This goes hand in hand with step one as it will ensure your travel budget is spent wisely. January is a well-known period for mega holiday sales. You can plan ahead your holiday for the year, even for peak times, and get great prices. If you are prepared with your annual leave or other arrangements you need to put in place for time-off, this is definitely one of the best times to plan your holiday escapes.
Another great time to travel is during off-peak season, when all companies are desperate to get clients in. The exact timings for the off peak season depends on the location. In general off peak runs from November to March, especially in Europe. Don’t be surprised to find 5* hotels at 3* prices in this season.

Step 3 – Plan Ahead your Bank Holidays
If you haven’t been planning ahead your bank holidays, start now! In the corporate world there is this silent race, where everyone tries to get their days off around the bank holidays. Ensure to have planned out your vacations to take advantage of bank holidays and prolong the duration of your travel.

Step 4 – Enjoy Weekend Breaks
Weekends are just a great time to travel on a short break. Most full-time jobs give the weekends off and students definitely can enjoy this 2 days to themselves. For a weekend holiday there is no need to worry about your children’s exams or taking time off work. The other great thing about weekend breaks is that most companies have put together package deals, with flight and hotels included. Whether it’s a spa break, a city break or some sort of great adventure, you will have unlimited options to choose from.

Step 5 – Enjoy your Holiday Escape
Step 1 to 4 give you the perfect cocktail to get some finance in and plan your holiday. Remember to check out different credit card deals and choose the best one to suit your needs. Once finance is sorted, keep updated with holiday sales and off-peak season prices. Finally, keep an eye out for weekend breaks and enjoy regular escapes from home. Do also look out for different credit card deals that include travel insurance and good currency exchange rates, to help you save your money and have more to spend on your holiday.

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