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Published on November 25th, 2012 | by Will


Location Independence For Dummies

Unless you’ve been living under a very heavy rock (in which case how are you still alive and not squashed like a bug?), you’ve probably seen the term “location independence” bandied around on the web like wildfire. But aside from being a very annoying and self-serving label, what does it mean exactly? And can you possibly pursue it as a lifestyle?

Location Independence: In a Nutshell

When the blogging legions talk about location independence, in actuality they are talking about the ability to telecommute, or work without the physical limitations of an office or space. Location independence, then, and the ability to live and work anywhere in the world, is nothing new (despite all the fanfare and hubbub) – people have been doing it for ages!

Location Independence: What Jobs?

The short answer to this question is just about anything. You can be a location independent working as a designer, a writer, an engineer, a software developer even an artist. Thanks to the Internet – and programs like Skype – you can even make a solid location independent living doing things that traditionally are expected to be more personal or face-to-face (like teaching or consulting). There are no boundaries.

Location Independence: Is it Achievable?

If you want to be location independent and free to travel the world while working you can. Pretty darn easily.

Take the thousands of people already doing it as a case in point. Nothing in their skill-set cannot be learned or refined by you with enough work and patience. You might even have some skill you can begin offering through the Internet right now if you think about it hard enough. The main hurdle is confidence and eradicating the fear of failure.

Location Independence: What Steps Can I Take?

If living this sort of lifestyle is your goal start out simply. Ask others who’ve attained the lifestyle how they got to where they were. Chances are you can do the same.

What ideas do you have to achieve location independence? Share your thoughts below!

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