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The StarttoRun Guide to Ski Jobs

Time spent working on the slopes skiing or snowboarding won’t make you a millionaire, but it will give you some of the richest memories you will ever get. Plan things out before you leave, though: if funds allow, you can train as an instructor.

Jobs available in ski resorts

Working for an operator means food and accommodation will be arranged, helping you to last the course and meet new people. Most people don’t realise how tough this work is; it’s not a holiday. Here, you’ll read people’s real stories and find out what’s available. Whatever job your after, check out websites like Season Workers where employers advertise.

Where to find jobs

The two Ls, language and legal, can be frustrating but are the two most important things to satisfy to guarantee you a job.  Friends in the industry are the best way to help you find the answers you’re looking for, but there are other options: operators themselves, recruitment sites (use Google) and newspaper listings. Specialist magazines often carry overseas job listings and include relevant interviews.

Is working a ski season for you?

Many people get interviewed by your chosen firm every season, so make yourself stand out. Make use of any training offered. Week-long residential courses are common, and you’ll usually get more training early in the season – especially regarding more technical matters. All good companies will continue to support you through your employment.

Season stages

Early season is the toughest physically, since you may have to do menial work like clearing snow. Mid-season needs careful handling to keep yourself going, then the end may arrive suddenly.

Working a ski season without advance arrangements

Short-to-medium courses in snowboarding and skiing are offered by companies like Flying Fish and Basecamp. These are aimed at people looking to qualify as instructors or train intensively to improve their skills. You could also use your own business ideas, or just rent a room and take things as they come.

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