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Uncovered: How Do Travel Bloggers Make Money?

Yeah yeah, we know what you’re thinking, it’s impossible to make money from writing about your travels if you’re not some hot-shot magazine or newspaper freelancer right? Wrong. Just ask the hundreds of writers out there who are using their travel blogs to live a pretty comfortable existence abroad. They’re doing it, so why shouldn’t you? This is how it works.

How Do Travel Bloggers Make Money: Affiliate Sales

Been over to certain travel sites and noticed banners promoting books, online courses or other types of electronic products? Click these to make a purchase of said products and the travel site hosting the banner takes a small commission. Adds up to a pretty big slice of the pie.

Blogging Example: Nomadic Samuel

How Do Travel Bloggers Make Money: Adsense

Niche travel sites ranking well in Google for certain keywords (e.g. travel insurance) can make a pretty solid residual from incorporating Adsense, Google’s advertising system, on their pages.

Blogging Example: Vagabundo Magazine

How Do Travel Bloggers Make Money: Scoring Writing Gigs

As a blog functions almost like an online portfolio, a large number of travel bloggers manage to score paying gigs providing content for other publications or sites on the net. Owning a blog and networking with other bloggers in the travel industry also opens up other opportunities to internet-based work.

Blogging Example: yTravel Blog

How Do Travel Bloggers Make Money: Selling Digital Products

Just like affiliate sales, travel bloggers with sizeable audiences manage to make a decent online living packing their own products and selling them. Whether in the form of eBooks (the most common), consultation or online courses, many  travel bloggers are making a solid income in this way.

Blogging Example: Nomadic Matt

How Do Travel Bloggers Make Money: Subscription Models

Write well, build a big enough audience and have your writing in demand and charging people to actually read it (just like a magazine subscription) becomes totally viable. Thanks to the ease of putting up online paywalls, this is the new frontier of cash generation for travel bloggers and easily the one that offers the biggest payoff.

Blogging Example: Exiles

Want to know more about the question of how to do travel bloggers make money? Stay tuned for future updates!

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  1. supriya says:

    Great help. I want to turn my passion for travel into carrier. I am very very grateful to you for giving these advises.

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