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Useful Languages to Improve Your Employability Abroad

Deciding to leave it all behind and go live abroad opens up some pretty neat options for you in terms of future careers. Perhaps the biggest opportunity of all is the chance to seriously get to grips with another language. Get it down well and the amount of options you have available to you when looking to work and travel increases dramatically. Here are some key languages to consider studying to better your prospects of making money overseas:

Useful Languages to Improve Your Employability Abroad: Spanish

One of the most widely spoken languages in the world, travel abroad with a good handle on Spanish and doors can open for you. Supposedly one of the easier languages for a native English speaker to learn it shouldn’t pose too many problems to advance in either.

Useful Languages to Improve Your Employability Abroad: French

After English, French is the most popular language to learn in the world and it’s not hard to see why. Spoken in large parts of Africa, the Caribbean and Canada, it’s a useful language to add to your travelling armoury and sounds sexy as hell too.

Useful Languages to Improve Your Employability Abroad: Mandarin

Not going to benefit your travels in as wide an experience as say French or Spanish, Mandarin still makes for an incredibly useful language to learn and one that can still enrich your work and travels in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and parts of Southeast Asia. Deemed the “language of the future” getting to grips with it now if you have the chance, might just pay off dividends a few years down the line.

Useful Languages to Improve Your Employability Abroad: Arabic

Knowing a bit of Arabic can go a long way to both improving your travel experiences within Africa and the Middle East and can also lead to good employability prospects should you choose to head back to the west. Not as popular with travellers as the former suggestions, learning it might help to differentiate you and lead to cool location independent-style gigs like in emerging markets.

What do you think is the most useful language to improve your employability abroad? Share your thoughts below!

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