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Published on March 27th, 2014 | by Will


Vienna at its finest

The Austrian capital, Vienna, is a fabulous place to visit at any time of the year. Even so, at the height of the summer tourist season, it can get almost unbearably crowded at times, and you may find your temper becoming a little frayed. On top of this, the Viennese climate in midsummer is not at its best, with June and July being the two wettest months of the entire year. To really enjoy the city to the full, choosing a spring or fall break can make a lot of sense. It may not be warm, but it will still be mild enough to enjoy the huge array of sights that the city has to offer.
You’ll also find it a lot easier to find a place to stay if you go at these times of the year. Not only is there less demand for the more famous hotels, especially in the central areas of the city, but prices tend to be lower as well. A break in a city as romantic and exciting as this should not be spoiled by having to make do with lower quality rooms! There are plenty of extremely nice apartments in Vienna – some of them with long and fascinating histories of their own. It will certainly enhance your enjoyment of your vacation if you have the extra boost of being able to return each evening to a really comfortable place.

There’s a lot going on in Vienna during the spring. As you would expect of a city which has such a tremendous musical heritage, fans of new sounds as well as old still flock to Austria each March for the Sound:frame Festival, which features some of Europe’s most exciting and innovative audio-visual performers. If you prefer your entertainment to be a little more traditional in character, there’s the Vienna Spring Festival and the Vienna Fair each May; the Fair is a fantastic place to pick up gifts to take home for family and friends. Sports fans will hope to see the Vienna marathon, which takes place near Easter each year and often attracts some big names.

A fall break in Vienna is also packed with things to do and see, whatever your specific interests. The Viennale Film Festival, which is held in late October, is where to head if you’re a fan of intriguing and thought-provoking cinema. But if your attention is more often caught by what the stars are wearing than the parts they’re playing, maybe you should visit the city in September, when Vienna Fashion Week is in full swing. If ever there was a time when Vienna truly does look at its best, this festival of outrageous designs and fantastic garments must surely be that time!

Wherever you decide to stay in the Austrian capital, and whenever in the year you decide to go, your only regret is likely to be that you didn’t stay longer – there’s simply too much to choose from! Even at these quieter times of the year, it’s a good idea to make your reservations a month or so in advance of your visit – though this is only half the time you’d need in midsummer. The fact that Vienna has retained its aura of romance and class for so many centuries is no accident: this is one of Europe’s great cities, and you will never forget a stay here.

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